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My name is Marlena Love, and I am a professional coach, focused on assisting individuals, couples and groups in discovering their deepest values and learning how to align them with their actions to bring greater happiness and fulfillment into their lives. As a coach, I have been flown out of state to do a weekend intensive for a small business that was suffering from high turnover and acrimonious relationships. I have been invited to help a community fire department work through resentments associated with a new female boss. I have also helped couples and families on the brink of chaos learn to rein in reactivity, hear with their hearts and hone in on practical solutions.  

Are you so busy your relationships are suffering? Do you feel empty, lonely or as if you have been reduced down to the role you play – i.e. “bread winner”, “software programmer” or “stay-at-home mom”? Call me and I will put aside a block for your coaching intensive! I offer coaching intensives in 2 to 4-hour blocks that are tailored completely to your coaching needs.

To schedule a coaching session or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 425-444-2963. I look forward to speaking with you! 
What Clients Are Saying
"…At some point, you realize there's got to be more than work in your life. Spirit gets numbed out. Too damned busy to even return phone calls.  Profound loneliness. Got money.  Got success. What's it all for? I was dying inside. Thanks for not letting me b---s you. Sometimes I hated you for that."
                      -Sterling T.
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