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My name is Marlena Love, and unsnarling relationships is my passion! I am an experienced life Coach and Therapist. I work with individuals, couples, families and businesses, helping people broaden their perspectives and consider other ways of doing things. I may ask couples to demonstrate how to physically comfort and express reassurance or remorse; Develop skills in expressing what is missing to have each others' backs. I have helped couples and families on the brink of chaos learn to rein in hostility and reactivity so they can finally hear each other. As a coach, I have been flown out of state to do weekend intensives for small businesses that were suffering from high turnover and fierce power struggles. Each member of one company had a high need to contribute and we uncovered other points of commonality in bonding exercises and asked the owner to sit in on team brainstorming, among other things. Feeling heard and having ideas incorporated turned things around completely!Revenue went up incrementally. On another occasion I was contracted to help a community fire department work through resentments associated with a new female boss. Undercurrents had more to do with how the last boss left than the new boss's performance.Clarity was needed.

Are you so busy your relationships are suffering? Whether you seek coaching or therapy, who wants to feel as if they have been reduced down to the role they play? – i.e. “Bread winner”, “front office person?;software developer?” or “stay-at-home mom?”? Call me and I will put aside a block for your coaching intensive! My coaching intensives start in 2 to 4-hour blocks or more that are tailored completely to your coaching needs.

To schedule a coaching session or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 425-444-2963. I look forward to speaking with you! 
What Clients Are Saying
"…At some point, you realize there's got to be more than work in your life. Spirit gets numbed out. Too damned busy to even return phone calls.  Profound loneliness. Got money.  Got success. What's it all for? I was dying inside. Thanks for not letting me b---s you. Sometimes I hated you for that."
                      -Sterling T.